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WINNER - 2014 S/S Grand Launch

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top five places to sit and enjoy a view (in your opinion)
  • the beach, because watching the ocean waves and just the general atmosphere is really relaxing.
  • there’s a restaurant i went to in NYC called The View. it was on top of a hotel and it actually rotated so you could see different views of the city while you ate! it was really nice, especially at night.
  • there’s this bubble tea place i know of where you can go outside to sit and drink your tea while enjoying the view of the NYC skyline across the Hudson River.
  • the park, because being surrounded by trees and nature is always cool haha
  • any place where i can watch the sunrise. i usually do so when I go camping and yeah c:
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That XX (그 XX)
HA:TFELT and 15&
HA:TFELT and 15& - That XX

chen graphic requested by anonymous

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Sehun's silver hair!
Sehun's silver hair!

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